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60 Carlson Road, Rochester, NY, United States

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At Carlson We Believe…

A successful cowork is an ecosystem and an ecosystem is about the dynamic interaction of all its inhabitants. In a cowork it’s about how people meet, talk, trust, share, collaborate, team, experiment and grow together.
When an ecosystem thrives, every part of it grows.
At Carlson Cowork our goal every day is to surround our members with a “perfect ecosystem” of like minded individuals that will help each and every member thrive and grow.

Carlson Perks

– Flexible workspaces offered monthly to customize to your exact work pattern.
– Multiple options for your space to grow as your business grows.
– Fast, free internet included in your membership.
– Free parking in a safe environment… 2000 spaces to choose from.
– Community kitchen with coffee, refrigerator & microwave.Comfortable work options including private offices, community work space, sofas, love-seats, and more to foster comfort, collaboration and sharing of ideas.
– Conference/boardroom for larger meetings.
– 8’ x 16’ white board for community presentations, lunch and learn, and social events!
– 800,000 sq/ft of space to physically grow your business.

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